Key Features & Enhancements

Luminette® Privacy Sheers combine sheers and blinds, for doors and large windows.

  • Light Control and Privacy—from rotating fabric vanes.

  • UV Protection—provides a buffer between interiors and the sun.

  • Beautiful Fabrics—luxurious, high-quality selection.

  • Vane Size—3 ½".

  • A Coordinated Look—with our Whole House Solution™ for horizontal and vertical window treatments.

Optional Enhancements

  • Cut Fabrics for Coordinating Accessories—from Accents by the Yard™.

  • Exclusive Fabrics—from The Alustra® Collection.\

Smart Automated

Key Features

  • Precise, convenient control

  • Control shades at home with a remote

  • Control shades at home or away with an

Wand and Cord

Key Features

  • Cord opens and closes the blinds

  • Wand rotates the vanes

Traveling Wand

Key Features

  • No pull cords

  • Traveling wand tilts the vanes

  • Traveling wand traverses the blinds

  • Safer option for small children and pets

Control Options