The Ultimate Guide to Window Treatments 2024 Miami Edition

1. Pinch Pleat Drapery:

- Features evenly spaced pinched folds at the top.

- Provides a tailored and traditional look.

- Formal used in Miami Mansions and Southwest Ranches Homes

2. Ripplefold Drapery:

- Features continuous, uniform ripples along the top.

-Provides a modern and uniform app

- Offers smooth, effortless operation when opening and closing.

- Sheers are used in modern Condos in Brickell and Sunny Isles

3. Grommet Drapery:

- Features fabric panels with metal grommets along the top.

- Provides a contemporary and casual look.

- Often Used in Miramar and Pembroke Pines.

4. Rod Pocket Drapery:

- Features a sleeve at the top where the curtain rod passes through.

- Offers easy installation and removal.

  • - Often used in Miami Gardens and Davie

5. Tab Top Drapery:

- Features fabric loops or tabs along the top.

- Offers easy installation and a casual appearance.

  • -Often Used in Miami Beach

6. Pleated Drapery:

- Provides a tailored and elegant appearance.

- Offers various pleat styles such as goblet, box, and pencil pleats.

-Draperies are often used in Coral Gables and Pinecrest.


1. Venetian Blinds:

- Features horizontal slats that can be tilted to control light.

- Available in wood, faux wood, aluminum, or vinyl materials.

- Offers versatility and precise light control.

2. Vertical Blinds:

- Features vertical slats that can be tilted or stacked to the side.

- Suitable for large windows and sliding glass doors.

- Offers privacy and light control.

  • Verticals Blinds are often Used Miami Gardens and Miramar.

3. Mini Blinds:

- Features narrow horizontal slats typically made of aluminum.

- Offers a sleek and minimalist appearance.

- Suitable for smaller windows and tight spaces.

4. Micro Blinds:

- Similar to mini blinds but with narrower slats for enhanced privacy.

- Ideal for small windows in bathrooms or narrow sidelights.

5. Panel Track Blinds:

- Features large fabric panels attached to a track system.

- Ideal for covering wide windows or sliding glass doors.

- Offers a contemporary and streamlined look.


1. Roman Shades:

- Features fabric panels that fold neatly when raised.

- Offers a soft and elegant appearance.

- Available in various styles including flat, hobbled, and waterfall.

2. Roller Shades:

- Features a single piece of fabric that rolls up or down.

- Provides a sleek and minimalist appearance.

- Available in light-filtering or blackout materials.

3. Zebra Shades:

Featuring horizontal bands that open and close

- Allow to graduate amount of light and Privacy

- Available in light-filtering or blackout materials.

3. Cellular Shades (Honeycomb Shades):

- Features a cellular design that traps air for insulation.

- Offers energy efficiency and light control.

- Available in single, double, or triple cell construction.

4. Pleated Shades:

- Features crisp pleats that stack neatly when raised.

- Provides a clean and modern appearance.

- Offers versatility in light control options.


1. Plantation Shutters:

- Features wide slats and a sturdy frame.

- Provides a classic and timeless appearance.

- Offers excellent light control and insulation.

2. Café Shutters:

- Covers only the bottom half of the window.

- Provides privacy while allowing natural light in.

- Offers a charming and casual look.

3. Tier-on-Tier Shutters:

- Features separate top and bottom panels that operate independently.

- Provides versatility in light control and privacy.

- Ideal for tall windows or rooms where privacy is desired at different levels.

Vertical Cellular Shades:

- Features vertical honeycomb cells for insulation and light control.

- Ideal for sliding glass doors and large windows.

- Offers energy efficiency and a sleek appearance.


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